Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Maritime Museum Recount

We are learning about using paragraphs in our writing. After our Maritime Museum trip we used Google Docs to write a recount together about our trip. Each group had to write a paragraph about a different part of our trip. Here is what we wrote: 

Room 16’s Maritime Museum Trip

Group 1 - Tawhirimatea 
On Tuesday Morning we were going on a trip to the Maritime Museum with Room 14. “What a great day,” we said to Mrs Melville. “Great day for a trip,” Mrs Melville smiled. ‘Yay! We hope we have a good trip,” shouted Room 16. The bus was waiting for us outside the school gates. We all got inside while Mrs Melville was counting us. At last it was time to go. So off we went... After a while we arrived in the city. It looked so beautiful. Finally the bus stopped. We got off the bus and started walking to the Maritime Museum! 

Group 2 - Rongo 
When we entered the Museum we met someone called Catherine, the Education Manager. She told us the rules of the Museum and introduced us to Jocelyn who was going to talk to us about how people came to New Zealand. Some of the rules were no touching the artifacts, listen to your parent, stay with your parent and only stay in the areas you are supposed to go to. We were starving like hungry lions, so luckily Catherine said we could have something to eat. We had one thing to eat for morning tea and then we put our bags in a dark room. It was time to go with Jocelyn. 

Group 3 - Tu 
Jocelyn took us to a dark room. I wonder what we are going to watch? Jocelyn said, “ We’re going to watch a movie.” It was about a little boy who was on the first voyage to New Zealand. They bought a pig along. They went on a very BIG boat but on the way there was a big storm that crashed and bashed the boat. An enormous wave washed the pig away. Finally they landed on New Zealand. 

Group 4 - Haumia 
Jocelyn took us to a place where there was a mat and we had to sit on the mat. Jocelyn talked to us about coconuts and how the Maori came to New Zealand. When Jocelyn was finished talking she showed us how to use rope and sticks to hold the boats together. We grabbed some sticks and pieces of string and made a cross with the sticks and then we tied the sticks together. The people who went fishing for sharks used coconuts to make shark rattles. 

Group 5 - Mrs Melville 
After our time with Jocelyn it was time for a Scavenger Hunt. We had a list of things we had to discover around the Museum. But the question was where do we start? The museum was a big place and there was so much to see. My group and I went through the first door we came to and immediately discovered one of the was on the bow of a boat. It was a wood carving that was carved in the front of the boat to guide it. Only 6 more items to go... We wandered through the endless galleries searching high and low for the objects. We eventually found them all and discovered an interactive area where we could pretend we were sailing a boat. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we were reluctant to move on but our tummies started rumbling so loudly it sounded like thunder. It was time to go back and eat our lunch. 

Group 6 - Tane 
When we finished at the Museum we went to go sketching. We walked across a big draw bridge that open and shuts when boats come in. When we got to the bridge it was closed. The big bridge took ages to open and close. After we crossed the bridge, we walked to the place where we sketched. When we started to sketch we looked at the city and sketched what we saw. Everyone was happy. 

Group 7 - Tangaroa 
We had a great time at the Maritime Museum and it was sad to go. We all walked to the bus, some of us were really tired. When we got to school we hung our bags up. Everyone was tired but happy because we had had such a great day! 

By Room 16