Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pizza day - Fraction Fun

Yesterday we made pizzas to celebrate the end of our fractions unit.  Here is a slide show made by DS showing our yummy, delicious pizzas...




Monday, August 27, 2012

Dancing and singing Pacific style...

The amazing Pacifica Trip!

On Tuesday Room 16 went to the Pacifica Art and Culture Centre.   My favourite part of the trip was when we got weave our own Te Reo Maori headbands.  
Something I learnt was how to weave harekeke, which is flax and learn new ways to say "hello" in the Pacific Island languages.  Here are some new greetings I learnt - Talofa lava, Malo e leiei, Aloha, Fakaalofa iahi atu.


Aloha everybody.  On the 21st of August Room 16 and 13 went on a trip.  Can you guess where?  If you can't here's where we the Pacific Art Centre.  
My favourite part of the trip was the musical workshop because it was very cool playing around with the island kind of drums.  
Something I learnt was what a ukelele means.  It means jumping fleas.  
I wonder what trip we'll go on next time.  What do you think?


Room 16 and Room 13 went to the Pacifica workshop on Tuesday 21 August.  I was in KK's mum's group with MC, KK, QO and me.  When we went inside the lady introduced the mama's to us.  My favourite part of the trip was when we did the drumming and weaving.  
Something I learnt was in the olden days they communicated with drums.  I also learnt how to weave with harekeke.
Does my story make you interested to go to a Pacifics workshop?  If it does check out this link...


Here is a slide show of our trip: 

Our Trip around the Pacific on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NZ Maths week

We have been playing some new maths games during NZ Maths week.  They are heaps of fun...Check them out:

Monday, August 13, 2012

Maths addition game

This week is NZ Maths week so we watched a slide show about addition this morning and it had a cool maths game and video. We want to share them with you...


Did you enjoy them?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is Matariki?

Check out this Matariki powerpoint which was created by the Tuis reading group.  Watch it and see if you learn something new.  Please leave some feedback after you have watched it...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Museum visit

Room 16 and Room 14 went on a trip to the Maritime and Auckland museum on 26 July.  I was in ET's mum's group with ET, LG, NP, AK, MC, TT and me.  My favorite part of the trip was when we ate lunch because I was really hungry and my other favorite part was when we went back to school because I was really tired.

"What a great trip"I said.


My museum acrostic poem

Moving ship that felt real. 
Unusual experience to watch.
So sunny at the museum.
Effective weaving work done in the marae.
Using our initiative to make our school proud.
My museum day is the best ever.    



Museum Visit

My favourite part of the trip was the rocking ship at the Maritime Museum.
Unknown things I learnt about people who came to New Zealand.

So many people had illnesses on the way to NZ.

Exciting about knowing more informstion about the old days.

Unrevealed things were told like someone dies at the age of 81.

Moving and rocking ship and a little movie that told us about the old days.

 By NP



Wow! I'm going into the volcano room!   The volcano room shows people how to survive if there is a volcano...
The tree hut.  The tree hut is cool. When I went inside it, it had a scary thing but cool.
I love the museum.


My trip to the exciting museum!

My favourite part about going to the New Zealand museum was when I went in the volcano house.  It shook like a ship had smashed into it and I fell over because it was so strong.  At the Maritime Museum we went into this old ship and there were two beds. Me and Kian lay on each bed. It was a little bit creepy and very dark.

We are lucky now because there's not that many active volcanoes these days in New Zealand.


Room 16s AMAZING trip.

Dear World,

On July the 27 of  2012 Rm 14 and 16 went to see the Maritime Museum.
These were our favorite things that we saw and did:

The Immigration exhibit because it told us all about how people came to NZ.

Designing  a  boat  on an IPad because you get to change the size and colour .

And now  last but not least, our favorite by far is...

The Black magic control  game because it's extremely fun.

We would like to thank 
Mrs J ,  Mrs H and  Mrs M

From BTW and  ADM.

PS, do you like the sound of  our trip?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Zealand Maths Week

NZ maths starts on the 13 August.  
Keep an eye out for the Maths Week link which will be available this week.   

There are some cool games and a competition where you can earn points and win some prizes.  Let's start practising so we can win some prizes!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A rocking boat at the museum?

When Room 16 went on our trip to the Maritime Museum on 27 July, I wasn't expecting to stand on board an old, dark ship that rocked and swayed in the middle of an exhibit...but we did!!

This was my favourite part of our Museum trip.  We were visiting the Immigration Exhibit as part of our Getting Connected inquiry.  The exhibition showed how people came to New Zealand from Europe.  The ship was dark and dreary.  There were small, cramped bunks where people slept and ate disgusting food like mouldy bread and dried meat.  While I was watching an interactive video showing how people lived on the ships, I felt the ship start moving under my feet.  It gave me a bit of a shock.  It was rocking and rolling and felt like a real boat on the water.

I found out some interesting information at the exhibition about what they ate on board the ships, what they did and how they lived on board a ship for five months!!  Many people died from diseases and illnesses while they were sailing to New Zealand.  This made me feel really sad and appreciate the difficulties these people went through when they came to New Zealand.

I'm so glad that nowadays it is much faster and more comfortable to travel around the world!!  What do you think?