Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Last week Matariki began.  We have been studying about Matariki in our class.  Here are some things we have learnt:
  • Matariki is also known as the eyes of God and tiny eyes.
  • Matariki is sometimes known as the seven sisters.
  • Matariki is celebrating the Maori New Year
  • This is time for celebrations, feasts and hangi.
  • Kite flying is a way of celebrating Matariki.
  • Matariki is the Pleiades constellation.  The best time to see it is in early morning at the end of May and early June.
Today we made some yummy Matariki biscuits shaped as stars.  We decorated with sprinkles and silver balls.  When we cracked an egg into the bowl, we had a double yolk egg which is very good luck!  We handed some of our biscuits to the teachers and ate all the rest ourselves.  They were divine!!


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Anonymous said...

YUM!and happy Matariki month=)